Building an armored airsoft vehicle

4 months ago we posted some pictures of our battlecar project to Reddit:

Some general information about the project and the costs. The whole project costed around 4000 euros. The most expensive things were the steel, locks(2x Abloy classic) and paints (Imron Elite). Luckily we were able to use some of the steel sheets from the old box. For welding we used around 6000 liters of Argon gas and too many spools of wire. We also had to fabricate some custom parts, such as the steps below the rear doors.

It all started in 2016 when we bought the vehicle. Back then we were going to build it for the Berget 14 event.

But for many reasons we decided to start from scratch:

Here are all the pictures from the 2022 project: and from the 2016 project:

Some gameplay footage with the new car from the Berget 18 milsim event:

Original video from 2016: