Discount deal to Bellum and Battlegroup players

The organizers of swedish Bellum and finnish Battlegroup airsoft milsim events have decided to offer you discount, if you decide to participate in both events. The amount of discount is 20€. You get a discount on the ticket for both events separately. You are entitled to a discount only if you get tickets for both events.

To get a discount for the BATTLEGROUP event, before paying the ticket, send us a confirmation of your Bellum ticket via email at We will then refund the discount amount to your ticket and send you a new invoice with the correct sum.

If you have already bought your ticket, we will refund the discount on the game area with cash or wired transfer.

If this year is too fast for you, no worries. We plan to do this again next year also.

We hope to see you all in our events!

– Marqsmen AB and Ehasa ry