Hi! I’m Leo “Lexxu” Soikkeli and I’m going to be the commander on the yellow side in the Conquest 19. You will probably recognize me both from the discord and also in the last couple of years as being more involved in big games in various commanding tasks. I hope that this year the players […]

The common respawn area in the middle of the game area has been removed. Instead, the factions have their own Capture point areas, from which the factions players can spawn in half an hour intervals at xx:00 and xx:30. These area can also be captured by the opposing faction, in which case respawning from the […]

Ehasa’s new website has been “under construction” for a long time. We realized that the old Finnish website, coded in 2015, is not necessarily the most informative, especially for an international audience. In addition to all other information, we have written also some history of Ehasa’s early days, as well as a comprehensive list of […]