This year Ehasa has a new partner, who will provide you something to do before you come to our TSTOS event. We present you the Milquest and their TSTOS Bootcamp exercise online program that has been made specially for our regular TSTOS players to make you stronger and more agile before the event starts. Four […]

4 months ago we posted some pictures of our battlecar project to Reddit: Some general information about the project and the costs. The whole project costed around 4000 euros. The most expensive things were the steel, locks(2x Abloy classic) and paints (Imron Elite). Luckily we were able to use some of the

We are moving to a new YouTube channel. There are a couple of reasons for this: The monetization of our old channel was frozen. We used advertising revenue from the channel’s videos to pay for, among other things, our web server. New channel: We encoded all old videos to 4K quality. New channel: We translated […]

Hi! I’m Leo “Lexxu” Soikkeli and I’m going to be the commander on the yellow side in the Conquest 19. You will probably recognize me both from the discord and also in the last couple of years as being more involved in big games in various commanding tasks. I hope that this year the players […]

The common respawn area in the middle of the game area has been removed. Instead, the factions have their own Capture point areas, from which the factions players can spawn in half an hour intervals at xx:00 and xx:30. These area can also be captured by the opposing faction, in which case respawning from the […]