We have launched our own key chains: Pirkanmaa – Remove before fight, Uusimaa – Remove before fight, BATTLEGROUP 2023 and Ehasa. You can find key chains for sale in the registration area of the event.

Digital Defense Ecosystem participates in the event and through them the 6X6 armored vehicle manufactured by Patria will be playing in the event. The vehicle will be playing on the Pirkanmaa faction and has some special rules. More information about the new Patria 6×6 can be fround here. DDE will also provide other equipment to the […]

Leo Soikkeli has been chosen as the commander of the Pirkanmaa faction. “Leo “Lexxu” Soikkeli from Tampere and I’ll be representing Pirkanmaa as the commander defending the values of our homeland. With some experience of previous Battlegroup events and in various command positions, I have come to learn that I have not learned much, and […]

This year Ehasa has a new partner, who will provide you something to do before you come to our TSTOS event. We present you the Milquest and their TSTOS Bootcamp exercise online program that has been made specially for our regular TSTOS players to make you stronger and more agile before the event starts. Four […]