Battlegroup 2023 Pirkanmaa commander elected

Leo Soikkeli has been chosen as the commander of the Pirkanmaa faction.

“Leo “Lexxu” Soikkeli from Tampere and I’ll be representing Pirkanmaa as the commander defending the values of our homeland. With some experience of previous Battlegroup events and in various command positions, I have come to learn that I have not learned much, and what kind of opponent could anticipate our movements when we ourselves do not know what we are doing? Controlled chaos, aggressive offensive defense and invisible intelligence is this year’s theme that will be brought to the battlefield.

Our fighters: Remember that before everything was better and this “new land (uusimaa)” just proves my point, let’s fight together to make Pirkanmaa great again!


Contact information:

  • Discord: lexxu2
  • mail: